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Types of flooring for the house: characteristics of materials

There are dozens of materials that can be used in finishing floors. Some of them – such as linoleum, has experienced the peak of fashion and is used less and less. While the coating of wood does not lose its relevance for thousands of years. We will talk about these and similar materials with them.

Laminated parquet, or laminate, is a laminated material in which are pressed: HDF-plate, polymer base and decorative laminated coating, which also performs protective functions. Laminate is a good imitation of natural wood, it does not bend, it is easy to fit, it can be used to equip the so-called underfloor heating. The material has different wear resistance indicators, which allows you to choose a coating for any needs. For example, a low 31st grade is suitable for a bedroom where the permeability is low. For the kitchen and hallway, you should opt for the more expensive and durable 32-33rd grade. Please note that not all types of laminate are moisture resistant. Inexpensive laminate can be deformed in a wet environment, it also does not like heavy shoes, you should not move the overall furniture on it.

Three-layer coating with a thickness of 14 mm. The top layer is a varnished cut of natural wood of valuable species, the other two are made of inexpensive wood. The parquet board easily and quickly keeps within. Its service life is 10–15 years. It can be single-lane, or it can be two- or even four-lane: in this case, there are several same lamella strips on the same base.

The parquet board is much stronger and more effective than a laminate. It is usually chosen for living rooms.

The concept of inexpensive wood in each country can be different. The exotic for us rosewood in Indonesia can be used for the second or third layer of the floorboard, and the top layer will be made of hevea. The hevea is a valuable breed in any latitude; it belongs to the mahogany family.
Parquet floor
Natural, reliable and aesthetic flooring for the apartment. It is made of valuable breeds of a tree. Block parquet is difficult to install, requires a prior leveling of the floor and laying of the draft layer of moisture-resistant plywood. Before repair work, the material must be kept indoors (approximately 48 hours) in order to undergo acclimatization. After laying the parquet must be varnished or special oils with wax. At a cost of up to $ 500 per linear meter, piece parquet can last 50–70 years. However, the care of this material is not easy. Parquet is usually chosen for the living room, study, library.

Engineering board
It looks like a floorboard, but the front layer of the coating is thicker, and the board dimensions are longer in length and width. Due to this, it is more expensive, but also more durable, more resistant to moisture and temperature extremes. Externally, this floor is similar to an array of wood. Laying is simple, but replacing the engineering board will be more difficult than the flooring. And again, the material requires careful handling and special care.

Solid wood
Solid single-layer boards with a thickness of 20–22 mm, which in Russia are made of oak, ash, larch, pine and spruce. You can also purchase flooring from exotic woods – wenge, mahogany, rosewood, teak. The covering from the massif is capable to serve hundreds of years, keeping esthetic appearance, and also high rates heat and noise isolations. The board is mounted on moisture-proof plywood with self-tapping screws or parquet nails. This is the most expensive type of flooring.

For a small city apartment usually choose a laminate flooring or engineering board. These types of coatings now have a great variety and allow you to create an interior in any style. Finishing a spacious apartment or a respectable private house is a reason to think about the parquet or solid wood. In rooms with high humidity and throughput it will be reasonable to refer to the larch or thermoash-ash coating.

Nuances of choosing a floor for an apartment
As we have already noted, the characteristics of the room and its functionality are among the key factors in the choice of flooring. For example, for a corridor (a room exposed to the constant influence of dust, moisture, heavy shoes), a durable, non-staining, easy-to-care flooring will suit – for example, a high-wear laminate (for example, 33rd class).

Choosing a coating in the living room , you can fully express your taste. In small living rooms will look good and laminate, and flooring. In a larger room appropriate flooring, including piece, or solid wood. If you are going to put a carpet in the living room, you must correlate its price category with the cost of the floor covering. An inexpensive synthetic carpet on the background of solid wood or handmade silk carpet on an inexpensive laminate is equally capable of creating disharmony.

Soundproofing is important for the bedroom , so choose a special sound-absorbing laminate or solid oak. Fashionable and inexpensive solution – adhesive cork tiles. If you plan to put a large carpet in the bedroom, it will absorb sounds, and then the cover can be almost anything.

Children’s – the most extreme area in the apartment! Little tomboy can shed paint on the floor or smear clay on it, check the coating material for taste and durability … The children’s room requires an environmentally friendly, warm, durable, easy to maintain and moisture-resistant floor covering. For example, an array of wood impregnated with natural oils or laminate will suit. An excellent solution can be cork coating.

The floor covering for the kitchen should be moisture resistant and easy to clean. If you like wooden floors, choose a waterproof floorboard or laminate flooring.

It is better to refuse natural wooden coverings for a bathroom . An excellent alternative to them can be a special waterproof laminate. However, choosing this option, be prepared to constantly monitor the absence of excessive moisture and puddles in the room.

The warmed balcony or the glazed loggia give the chance to use practically any covering from a tree – a laminate, a parquet board, an massif.

For a home gym, wear resistance and depreciation rates are of fundamental importance when choosing a floor covering. Pay attention to the laminate of high wear resistance classes, which is used in fitness centers.