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Types Of Car Wheel Trims


Car wheel trims are commonly used in the automobile industry. They are decorative covers that cover the wheel. They are usually made of plastic or metal. Wheel trims are usually confused with wheel hubcaps. A car wheel trim will cover the entire face of the wheel while a hubcap will only cover the center of the wheel. This is the main difference between a hubcap and a wheel trim. Wheel trims makes a car look classy and there are a lot of types available to car owners.

Wheel trims are of various types.

1. Wheel shrouds.
These types of wheel trims are functional apart from being decorational. They are usually placed on the wheel before bolting the wheel. One then bolts the wheel and the wheel trim together as if he is just bolting the wheel to the car. This type of wheel trims play a role of distributing airflow to the wheel brakes. They also create down force to the car. The benefit of using this type of car wheel trim is that they are secure and will not come off when the car hits a pothole unlike other types of wheel trims.

2. Static wheel fairing.
These type of wheel trim remains stationary when the wheel is rotating. This type of wheel trims helps in brakes cooling. It helps to channel cool air to the brakes which helps them to cool.

3. Metal alloy wheel trims.
These car wheel trims are usually made of metal alloy. They cover the entire face of the wheel. They are usually used to decorate the wheel.

4. Plastic car wheel trims.
This type of wheel trims is made up of high tech plastic. It is the most commonly used wheel trim. It is usually easy to install and it usually plays a decorative role.

Car wheel trims are usually used in different ways. These uses include;decorative role and brake cooling role but the main role is the decorative one.